Bring The Book

James Epperly on January 29th, 2023

In this message, Pastor James will teach us how three words sparked a revival in a city and how by following their example, we can experience revival in our own lives.


How To Experience Revival 

Do you feel tired or weary in your faith? Have you lost the joy you first had at salvation? In this message, Pastor James teaches us how we can experience a personal revival.

Out Of Order

What do you do when your life feels out of order?  Learn three principles to follow to help align our lives and get back in order.

The Influence of Hope

When we put our hope in some thing, we invest our energies into what we seek and forge a course of action to support it. Hope propels us toward the destination that God promises each of us. 

Builders & Fighters Part 1

Keeping The Vision In Challenging Times 

Challenging times can make it difficult to keep your focus. in this message from Pastor Sam Smucker, discover how to keep your vision for the future strong despite challenging times. 

The Good Life

Encouraged By Your Enemy

Sometimes we have to be reminded that the picture we have of ourselves is not always accurate. Not only is there what we see, there is also what God sees. And as God instructed Gideon, sometimes it's even helpful to see how your enemy sees you. 

In the Midst Of Angels