God Loves Me And I Know it!

James Epperly on  February 18th,  2024

In this message, Pastor James Epperly emphasizes the importance of believing in and experiencing the love of God. It highlights that knowing and trusting in God's love can bring healing, deliverance, and victorious outcomes in every situations. You will be encouraged to have a personal relationship with God and to trust in His unwavering love.


The Favor of God 

God’s favor will change your life, and you already have it ! The bible says that Jesus grew in favor with God and Man. As a born again believer we should continually be going from increase to increase. The bible says Favor will cause you to walk in strength and do mighty exploits.. our generation is in desperate need for Gods favor to be on our lives. Check out Pastor Travis word for practical steps in growing in Favor with God and man.

The Power of Our Words 

Pastor Sam  instructs us on The Power of Our Words.

Watch What Happens - The Power of Supernatural Vision  

Pastor James Epperly discusses the significance of having a supernatural perspective in our lives as followers of Christ. Our hope is that this sermon will inspire and empower you to have strong faith and witness God's triumph in your own life.

Partnering with the Mission of God 

Have you ever considered that God has a purpose? The Bible tells a continuous story, starting from Genesis 1 and unfolding until the book of Revelation: the purpose of God. It is impossible to detach God's work from His people. If you choose to walk the path of God, it will demand action and entail taking chances. However, one thing is certain: He will consistently guide you towards a fulfilled life.

The Desirable Thing - The Power of Fasting

Within the Bible, there is mention of a spiritual dimension that requires both prayer and fasting in order to overcome. This understanding was evident to individuals such as Daniel, Paul, and Jesus. It is crucial for you to also grasp this concept. There are circumstances in your life that cannot be resolved solely through a powerful prayer; you must engage in fasting alongside your prayers. This sermon will enlighten you on how the physical act of fasting influences God's intervention in your life. 

The Agape Love Of God

Learn how to walk in the divine Agape love of God. 

Christmas At Hope City Church

Recorded LIVE at Christmas at Hope City 2023.

There Is Gold In The Hills

Get ready for a year of fulfillment! In this inspiring message from Pastor James Epperly during Vision Weekend, we are reminded that God has plans to bless our future and that it is our destiny to live a life filled with meaning. By intentionally pursuing our purpose, we can bridge the divide between our current position and the extraordinary future that God has in store for us.

Jesus, the True Light

Jesus came as Light in a world overcome by sin and darkness. The only pathway out of darkness and into the Kingdom of Light is repentance.

Hunger Produces Results

In Matthew's gospel (5:6) we read, “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied.” You can't help but walk in God blessings when you have an appetite for more.
We as a body of believers need to stay Hungry for Gods results to our prayers. We need to start praying on purpose and expect no prayer to go without result.

Spiritual Hunger

In this sermon, Pastor James Epperly speaks on cultivating a deep and fervent longing for God in our daily lives. Our hope is that this message inspires and strengthens your belief as you seek to deepen your relationship with God and understand His yearning to be close to you.

The Real Me

The Real Me dives deep into the Word of God to destroy negative words and mindsets, generational curses, and past experiences so you can discover peace with the real you.

Resting In Battle

When faced with spiritual and physical battles, it is natural to feel exhausted and tempted to abandon the fight. However, Pastor James enlightens us in this sermon, revealing that finding solace in the work of the cross and taking time to rest can surprisingly become a tactic in the midst of our spiritual warfare.

Warfare's Greatest Weapon Is Love

1 Corinthians 13 gives us a road map of how to love other people. In this message by Pastor James Epperly, we discover that our greatest weapon in spiritual warfare is our ability to choose love. It can be the key to seeing significant breakthrough in your world.

Fighting With Joy

When it comes to spiritual warfare, we often overlook some simple weapons that can make a profound impact. In this message, Pastor James helps us learn how to fight with joy.

Stuck In Nostalgia

In the opening of our Warfare Handbook series, Pastor James brings opens the Word to show us how nostalgia can actually keep us in a state of comparing our past. We become blinded to what God can do in our present and future when we are trapped in the past. It's good to remember the faithfulness of God in our lives, but know that what God can do for your future will be better.